How do we Maintain an Enjoyable
Ambience in the Campus

In the 21st century, every student has the right to an inspiring physical learning environment. More importantly, every student has the right to contribute to making their educational institution a stimulating, innovative and energizing place to be. We are aware of the physical challenges facing most institutions today. But despite these realities, institutions also contain unique tools and opportunities for confronting these issues because they have long been sites of great social transformation and action, and they continue to be powerful places of innovation.

Is the campus used throughout the day? Are there choices of things to do? Do you leave campus inspired? Are people walking, eating, relaxing, reading? Because the more activities happening on campus that people have an opportunity to participate in, the better. Making a classroom interactive and stimulating is key to making it a successful learning environment.

The Bhavans campus at Ponnani is maintained with utmost care so that the above criteria is fulfilled and the students always feel the peacefulness and they can concentrate well on their studies.